Friday, April 11, 2014

We All Struggle

Lest anyone should get the impression that our household is always calm and peaceful and wonderful, with the boys spouting off cutesie phrases to me, and me handling every conflict with grace and patience, let me assure you it is not like that. No. It is not like that. 

I, too, fall victim to that internet mommy blog thing where we're really excited to share all the good times, and less excited to share the tough times. Mostly because, well, they're tough and all my energy is being put into dealing with it.

I, too, look at other pages sometimes and think, "Wow, that family really seems to have it all together. Why don't I have it all together like that? Why am I struggling just to throw some food in front of the kids, or change my clothes?"

Sometimes I struggle. Lately I've been short and impatient with Josh (9y) to the point that I'm just being mean sometimes. And he lets me know how he feels about that, and we get into arguments over it.

But the important thing to note is that those arguments are much more civil than they used to be. He is much more effective at communicating for himself, and I am much less of an oppressive jerk. So I (and my amazing friends) remind myself to focus on the positive. We don't have it all together, and we aren't a magically peaceful household, but we're doing better than we used to and we keep trying to do even better than we do now.

Remembering that (and a strong cup of coffee) helps me sit proudly in the yoga pants I've been wearing all week. It's still too early for standing. ;) Hugs and love to you all.

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