Friday, April 18, 2014

Black Hole TShirt Demonstration

Last night Josh (9y) wanted to watch Cosmos, the episode about A Sky Full of Ghosts, again (On Fox! Also on Hulu Plus!). Space Time and Cosmic Speed Limits and Black Holes and Universes within Universes. So much fun.

Afterward we stretched a tshirt between Josh and Papa to represent the fabric of space time, and used bouncy balls and marbles to show how mass warps space time. Then we pretended we had something as massive as a black hole and tried to push the ball through the shirt to the floor, pulling the people holding the shirt toward each other and downward. It was an amazing demonstration of how black holes effect everything around them! Minds blown, thoughts racing everywhere!

At least I thought it was an amazing demonstration. I'm no astrophysicist though.

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