Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dale's Rant on STAAR Testing

This popped up in my newsfeed yesterday-

"I just wanted to say good luck to all the Texas students who are taking the STAAR test tomorrow, and *burn in Hell* to the political bureaucrats who mandated this idiotic test that has taken over our educational system and replaced it will drills to pass a test that in no way measures or improves actual life skills.

I was a great student in school, and I probably would have acted like passing the test should be a given, but now as a parent I realize the error of my childhood views: You will never encounter anything like a test in your career. There will always be resources to refer to during any task, allowing you to make the most of whatever your personal manner of thinking might be.

So yes, go to fiery Hell, Texas Board of Education. You have managed to turn even our best and brightest young minds into ones that despise the educational process. You've replaced their joy of learning with anxiety about a test that only serves the purpose of distributing funding. May your own jobs be challenged yearly by a series of tests that, if you fail, you lose not only your livelihood, but your entire future standing in the job market as well. That's basically what you're doing to our children. Screw you."
-Dale Crawford

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