Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Bedtime Routine

Our 'new' bedtime routine still amazes me.

Me- Hey Bug (2y), you ready to lay down?

Bug- mmmmmNo sank yoo.

Me- I'm going to lay down. You want to come with me?

Bug- mmmokay.

Me- Josh (8y) I'm headed to bed. You tired?

Josh- Nah, I'm gonna finish watching this.

Me- Okay. Will you turn off the lights when you come to bed?

Josh- Sure.

I get to the bedroom to find Bug tucking his Bear in already. We giggle and snuggle and he drifts to sleep. A little while later Josh sneaks in and quietly crawls under his covers. Within minutes I hear his breathing slow and deepen as he drifts to sleep himself.

No fighting, no crying, no coercion. A year ago I wouldn't believe such a thing was possible. It's so natural, so fabulous, letting our kids choose when to sleep, and sharing a sleep space with them. I really wish every family would try it.

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