Monday, March 18, 2013

Meeting Moms at the Mall

We were at the mall yesterday and I was meeting some other Moms.

Other Mom- Nice to meet you. How old are your kids?
Me- Well Josh over there is 8, and Bug here is 2.
OM- 8? Oh, so you must homeschool, huh?
Me- Yeah.
OM- I've thought about homeschooling, but I just don't think I have the dedication to do it.
Me- Well, we unschool, and it doesn't take any more dedication than parenting. You just keep on parenting after they turn "school age".
OM- Unschool? Hmmmmm. I've known some people who unschooled and it turned out really badly.
Me- There's a difference between unschooling and neglectful parenting. I've know people who parent really badly too, that doesn't mean their choice of how to educate their kids was the issue.

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