Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learning at Lunches

Learning new things without trying at all, in the unlikeliest places-

We went to Ikea the other day to pick up some shelves, and stopped to eat cinnamon rolls. There was a giant picture of Stockholm on the wall by our table.
Josh- Hey Mom, what's Stockholm?
Me- A city. The capital of Sweden.
Which led to a discussion about where Sweden is, what the Swedish flag looks like (since its flying outside Ikea), and how Ikea is a company based out of Sweden (although we later learned they are based out of Netherlands).

Today we went to the mall so Josh (8y) could check out the Lego store. There was a huge piece of artwork hanging from the ceiling, very western themed. Cowboy hat, snake, that sort of thing.
Josh- Hey Mom, why are there Chinese looking symbols on that hat?
Which led to a discussion about cattle branding, ranching, and symbols.

Learning everywhere.

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