Friday, March 1, 2013

Early Morning Phone Call

An example of how I see an improvement in myself since changing our parenting style-

We went out last night and got in really late. Papa was staying outside of town to get up early for work, and I came home with two overtired boys, and got to sleep later than I'd have liked myself.

This morning my phone rang while I was still sleeping. It was Papa. He'd forgotten something at the house and need me to meet him with it. Now, about 6 months ago I would have grumbled and snarked. Gah! He woke me up! Gah! Why is he forgetting things! Gah! Driving across town with the kids again!

But not this time. I asked him to give me a few minutes to get everyone going and we'd be on our way. I was able to empathize how frustrated Papa must be without materials for work, and how this delay could affect his day. I was happy to help him however I could.

A very different reaction from me so early in the morning.

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