Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Day in the Life of Bug

I was recently asked what unschooling Bug (2y) looks like. Here's a run down of his day yesterday. We didn't have anything to do, and Papa was working, so its a typical 'hanging out at home' kind of day.

9:40am- Woke up, played 'Peek-a-boo' with the hallway door. Mama asked if he needed to potty. "NO! Check-a mail!" Went to check the mail. Mama asked about a new diaper. "NO! Watcha Worax?" Mama started to turn on the tv. "NO!" Went to play with trains in the hallway. Fascinated with facial expressions on the trains. "Is he happy?" Took trains to his room. Mama changed his diaper and got him dressed. Insisted on wearing his monkey diaper. Found push-popping toy Mama had tucked away in the closet, ran around the house with it. "Mama, watch this!" Tried to take popping toy apart with no success.

10:05- "Banana!" Found pile of staples Josh had been experimenting with, tried to put them inside the popping toy. Requested another banana and some cheese. Danced circles around the couch. Intensely watched Mama cube cheese. Acted like a dog. Colored. "I make-a wedder M!" Tried to color a cube of cheese.

10:15- Compared his pen to Mama's. Fed fish. Watched fish. Cleaned the fish tank with magnet cleaner. Cleaned coffee table with fish magnet cleaner. More coloring. Tried coloring on table, couch, chair, and popping toy.

10:30- Watched Leap Frog on Netflix.

11:00- Played with straws. Blew bubbles in a glass of water. "Painted" water on table with straw.

11:15- Played in the car while Mama worked in the garage. Rode scooter in the back yard.

12:00pm- "New diaper!" Distraught about sock coming loose.

12:15- Wanted cereal, we had none. Wanted popcorn, we had none. Settled for raisins. Ate raisins while watching Mama make brunch. Made toast. Spun in circles. Ate lunch (ham, egg, cheese toaster sandwich).

12:30- Watched cartoons with Josh.

1:00- Played in bedroom. Snuggled his Bear.

1:15- Load up in the car. Mama asked if Bear should come. "No!" Went to bank with Mama. Upset that Bear didn't come too.

2:00- Got back home. Ate more raisins. Made and ate more toast. Got apple from fridge, ate apple.

2:15- Played outside.

2:30- Played in a box. Josh set him near a window "to get vitamin d."

3:00- Watched Leap Frog again.

3:30- Played with VHS/DVD player and tv. Opening, closing, on, off.

3:45- Played outside. Ate a banana. Drank some milk.

4:00- Wanted to take a walk, then didn't. Wanted to wear a hat, then didn't. Wanted new socks, then didn't. Wanted a jacket, then didn't. Wanted a new diaper, got it. Played with trains.

4:45- Tried stacking trains on a rubber ball. Got frustrated. Snuggled Mama. Threw rubber ball "in the sky".

5:00- Played outside. Took off diaper.

5:15- Crashed scooter. Lost lots of face, elbow, and knee skin. Got cleaned up and bandaged. Snuggled Mama. Peed on the floor. Asked Mama for a new diaper.

5:30- Helped Mama make smoothies.

6:00- Ate dinner (assorted snacks-almond butter sandwich, fruits, veggies, nuts, cacao nubs).

6:30- Made gagging noises while running around the living room. "Is it funny?"

6:45- Made a fort from the couches and pillows.

7:00- Requested a carrot. Carrot was not 'new' enough. Searched fridge for a 'newer' carrot. Decided to eat frozen peas instead.

7:15- Continued playing in couch fort. Started getting grumpy. Played with sunglasses. General silliness.

7:30- Played checkers. Played with Catch Phrase. Danced the cha-cha with Mama and Josh through the kitchen. General grotesque boy noises and actions with Josh.

7:45- Put on pajamas.

8:00- Walked back to the bedroom to lay down, got distracted by trains. Played with trains. Played with toy guns making sword fighting sounds.

8:15- Read books with Mama.

8:30- Papa got home. Played monster trucks with Papa.

9:00- Laid down for real with Mama.

9:20pm- Asleep.

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