Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stroke of Genius...maybe

Yesterday I either had a stroke of genius or we're just so behind technologically that I got over-excited about what others consider obvious. I'm still not sure which yet.

I upgraded my phone over the weekend. The old one had lived a full life, sustaining more than its fair share of abuses and neglects from both myself and the kids. Anywho, I took out the sim card and did a factory reset. Once th was done, I gave it to Josh and showed him how to connect to the Wifi, set up his email, and reload the games he liked to play (DragonBox and Unblock Me are favorites).

So now, for free (sort of), he has a phone that will dial 911 should he be in an emergency without me, he can email or search google when connected to wifi, he has a camera, and he can play games. We'd been considering getting him a tablet for his birthday, but now there's really no need.

Like I said, maybe genius, maybe we're just really behind the times. Either way I thought I'd pass along the idea in case you have old phones sitting around.

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