Friday, September 6, 2013

Not Back to School

Today is the "last day of summer" and the neighborhood kids will be headed back to school Monday. I'd like to pose a hypothetical question to my fellow neighborhood parents, and those of you here who might be in the same situation.

What if the kids didn't go back to school? How would you have spent the last few weeks, and what would you do on Monday and beyond?

Here are some things we haven't b
een doing over the last few weeks- buying new wardrobes of "back to school clothes", battling crowds to buy school supplies, searching for a parking spot a mile away from the school for "meet the teacher night", wondering what to wear on the first day, trying to get the kids to bed early to acclimate to their upcoming early wake up call, worrying about who will be in our class, worrying about whether the teacher is nice or mean, spending a fortune on yearbook preorders, school directories, PTA dues, spirit wear and other such nonsense.

What we have been doing- playing at the splash park, visiting the Science Center, going to play dates with friends, visiting family, going to the library, rearranging furniture, building legos, sending emails, writing stories, playing Dragonbox, eating when we're hungry, and sleeping when we're tired.

Come Monday we'll keep doing the same thing. The first weeks of August need'nt be hectic or stressful. The life your family has been living over summer need'nt end if you don't want it to.

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