Monday, July 29, 2013

Stolen Cupcakes

When things are stolen....

To set the scene, the boys each got to pick a snack while we were grocery shopping Friday. Josh (8y) picked a 4 count box of cupcakes, and Bug (2y) picked a bag of cookies.

Last night, after Bug went to bed, Josh discovered that one of his cupcakes was missing its frosting. Neither Papa nor I had eaten it, so it was concluded that Bug must have done it. Josh was quite... upset, and rightly so. We comforted him, suggested he talk with Bug about it in the morning, and suggested he keep his snacks on a higher shelf in the future.

The morning comes, both boys wake up, and Josh goes straight to the pantry to pull out his cupcakes.

Josh- Bug, come here please.
Bug- Hey Joshy.
Josh- Bug, you ate one of my cupcakes without permission.
Bug- Yeah....
Josh- Bug, these are mine. You can't eat my snacks without permission.
Bug- *stares at Josh*
Josh- Can you tell me you're sorry?
Bug- Okay.
Josh- No, say you're sorry.
Bug- Okay.
Me- Josh, you can't make him say he's sorry. He will say it if he really feels that way.
Josh- But I want him to say it!
Me- You can't expect that of him. It won't be sincere if you make him say it.
Josh- Ugh!

Meanwhile, while Josh and I are having this exchange, Bug pulled his cookies out of the pantry and handed one to Josh.

Bug- Heeya go, Joshy.
Josh- Oh...Oh! Thanks!
Me- That is his way of saying he's sorry. Do you see that?
Josh- Yeah. Okay.

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