Monday, July 29, 2013

Bug Learns About Pollination

Conversations with a two year old-
Me- Want to water the garden?
Bug- Yeah! Oooh, where's the cucumbers?
Me- You want to see the cucumbers? 
Bug- Yes. I need two cucumbers.
Me- Oh, you want to pick some? Let's find some that are ripe.
Bug- Oooh, dis one!
Me- Okay, twist him.
Bug- Twist 'em! Twist 'em!
Me- Oh, see the bees flying in the flowers?
Bug- Yeah. He getting in da flower?
Me- Yes, he's getting pollen on his feet. Then he's going to get in another flower. He's pollinating the flowers.
Bug- He's powwinating? In the powwen?
Me- Yes, he's helping the plants make more fruit.
Bug- Making more cucumbers?
Me- Yes.
Bug- Oh look! 'Nother bee. He's powwinating!
Me- Yep!
Bug- Where's my two cucumbers? Oh! Here they are! I'ma go wash them, okay Mama?
Me- Okay. Do you want to eat him.
Bug- Yes, I eat dis one!

 Learning everywhere.

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