Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sharing Cookies

A story about a toddler who's never been asked to share in his entire life.

Bug, age 2- I needa cookie!

Me- Okay, here you go.

Josh, age 8- Ooooh, I want a cookie!

Me- These are Bug's cookies, you'll need to ask him.

Josh- Can I have a cookie, Bug?

Bug- Here ya go! (hands cookie to Josh) I needa nudder cookie, Mama!

Me- Here you go.

About an hour later....

Bug- I needa cookie!

Me- Here you go.

Bug- No! I need TWO cookies!

Me- Two cookies?

Bug- I need TWO cookies! I need his cookie.

Me- His cookie? Who's cookie?

Bug- I need Joshy's cookie.

Me- Oh, one for you and one for Josh? Here you go.

Bug- Thanks! (takes second cookie to Josh, to Josh's surprise)

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