Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NVC's immediate payoff

Last night Papa and I took advantage of the boys being occupied to go in the bedroom and.... watch some more of the non-violent communication video on youtube.  It's something we're really working on lately.

Coincidentally, Bug (3y) chose to use this time to express his inner artist in the form of marker on the walls. And the tv. And the floor. And the furniture. He came running back to the bedroom and said, "Hey Mom! You wanna see my picture I drew on the ground?!"

THANK YOU Marshal Rosenberg! I was able to say "Sure."
After I took in the full artistry I was able to say, "Bug, that is a lovely drawing, but I would appreciate if you kept your drawings on the easel."

"Oh, okay Mom."

"Would you help me clean up the floor now?"


(For those of you wondering about the tv- yes we'd put it away in December. No, it didn't stay put away.)

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