Thursday, February 27, 2014

Each Child is an Individual

While we're on the subject of children being people, I'd like to also talk about the fact that each child is an individual, completely unique. As such we will face completely unique challenges in parenting each of them. 

We have to deal with the people our children are, with their particular strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. It can be comforting to talk with other parents about their experiences with their children, but we have to keep in mind that no one's situation will ever be exactly like ours. What works for one parent-child relationship will not always work for another (and vice versa).

There really isn't such thing as 'normal'. In research there are averages or majorities but those NEVER represent any specific child (meaning no one child will fall into every average and majority on everything). So again we have to take what other kids can/can't do with a grain of salt and focus on parenting the child/ren we have for exactly who they are.

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