Monday, February 24, 2014

Being Polite vs Saying Please

We had some people over for Papa's birthday over the weekend. A few people were sitting 

outside. One of the men was holding a football.

Bug (3y)- Hey Dad, can I play that football?

Papa- It's not my football. You can go ask him if you can play with his football.

Bug, very timidly, walks over to the man whom he's only met once before.

Bug- Um, can I ask you if I can play with your football?

Man- Can you say 'please'?

Bug- *silence*

Man- Say 'please'.

Bug- *silence*

Man- (to Papa) What, you guys don't teach your kids to say please?

Papa- He is extremely shy. I don't think you understand what a big deal it is for him to 


have walked over to you and asked in the first place.

If I had been out there I would have said, "We teach our children to be polite, not to beg." 

But I think Papa handled it nicely as well.

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