Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waking Up Early

Josh (9yo) regularly stays up until midnight and sleeps until anywhere from 10am-12noon.

"But how will he ever learn to wake up for college classes or a job when he's older if you don't make him wake up earlier now?"

To that I say, he will wake up earlier if it is important to him. 

For example- We got two puppies last month. Tiny little things, four pounds fully grown. They usually sleep in a box in the bedroom with Papa, Bug, and I. Last night, instead of sleeping, they were tearing the box to pieces. I moved them out to their crate in the living room while mumbling something about hoping I heard them when they needed to go out. Sometimes they can make it until 7am when I wake up, and sometimes they can't.

Unbeknownst to me, Josh overheard and decided to set him alarm for 4:30am so he could take the pups out.

So imagine me, laying in bed, hearing the back door open and close in the dark of early morning. Then hearing someone sneaking around the living room all quiet like. I nearly had a heart attack. I woke Papa up to go see what was going on while I tried to figure out how a pile of unfolded laundry could be used as a weapon in self defense.

As you already know, it was just Josh. He'd taken the puppies out to potty, gotten them water and put down their breakfast. By the time Papa got out there he was curled up on the chair in a blanket, sleepy eyed, watching the puppies play for a few minutes before they went back in their crate.

He got up early because the pups' well-being was important to him. If he chooses to go to college or get a job, I imagine those things will be important to him as well and he'll wake up when needed.

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