Monday, January 20, 2014

Mom Club

I went out on a date with one of my mom friends last night. Mom Club, if you will.

First rule of Mom Club- no sharing food at Mom Club. We each ordered the same appetizer and enjoyed every last fatty, cheesey, starchy, ranch dipped bite of it, thankyouverymuch.

Second rule of Mom Club- get back home after the kids are in bed, or arrange for someone to be home to help you. 

I totally broke this rule. Papa left for work and I quickly realized a tummy full of food I don't normally eat mixed with a few drinks does not mix well with running around with the kids. To quote my friend, my party animal is definitely not a tiger anymore. Maybe a turtle.

Thankfully the boys rock. Bug (3y) played in the bedroom while I laid down, then crawled into bed with me when he was ready and promptly fell asleep. Josh (9y) came in to check on us a few minutes later, turned off the lamp, and headed to bed himself.

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