Friday, December 6, 2013

Telling the Truth

The hardest things about parenting, in my experience, are getting over my own childhood and being a living example of the characteristics I hope for my children to have.

Both of these things have decided to merge into the ultimate parenting showdown. My dad is coming to town from across the country and my grandmother wants us all together for Christmas. For several reasons I won't get into now, I don't want to spend time with my dad, nor do I want the kids around him. I also don't want to hurt my grandmother's feelings by telling her we won't be coming to her dream Christmas get together.

I've been talking about it with Papa, and the kids over hear our conversations. Josh (9y) said to me, "You should just tell them the truth". I found myself saying, "Yes I know, but sometimes it's really hard to tell the truth, especially when so many feelings are involved."

So here I am, preparing myself for a conversation I really don't want to have but I must have. I must. Because what kind of example do I set if I can't be honest when it's hard? How can I want or expect more from my children than I am willing to do myself? How else do I teach what real values are?

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