Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmases Past

Papa and I have been watching the non-violent communication videos. In them Marshall Rosenberg speaks of natural giving. I know he's not referring to the giving of holiday gifts, but nevertheless this next story reminds me of it.

Last night Papa I were sharing stories of our childhood Christmases, and Papa told of a year he and his brothers got cans in their stockings.

Me- cans like canned food?

Papa- no, empty cans.

Me- decorated or made into toys?

Papa- nope.

Me- so, trash then.

Papa- pretty much. We didn't have any money that year. They said they'd make it up to us.

Me- that's messed up. Christmas doesn't creep up on people. They could have saved ahead of time or gotten creative and made things.

Papa- yeah, well, you know my parents...

Me- I'm so sorry you had a Christmas like that. Remember the year josh was 5 and we didn't have anything? We still made it special for him.

Josh- how did you get me things if you didn't have any money?

Papa- mama and I did without. We didn't get anything for ourselves and used money we were gifted to get things for you.

Josh- aww, so you guys didn't get anything? I should have gotten you gifts.

Me- no honey, parents are supposed to make sacrifices for their kids, not the kids for their parents.

Josh- but still, I want to get you gifts.

Me- that's nice of you. You've still got time. Let me know if you need me to take you to the store or anything.

Josh- alright.

He's currently crafting away on something for us. It's so special to see him choosing to make and give a gift on his own motivated by nothing but his own heart.

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