Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Focus in Home Education

Getting started with home education can be overwhelming. There are mind-boggling amounts of opinions on what to teach, and even more resources to help you teach them. How do you choose?

When we started, after being overwhelmed at the opinions and options out there, we sat down and made a list. This list details what we feel are the skills most needed for our children to have happy, successful, fulfilling lives.

1. Critical thinking skills-skepticism, knowing how to ask questions and how to find answers for themselves.
2. Sound moral character- acting in accordance with their values, ability to communicate effectively, interpersonal skills, etc.
3. The ability to feed themselves- growing their own food, knowing where their food comes from, knowing how different foods affect their health, cooking skills.
4. The ability to read.
5. Basic math skills (algebra, geometry, finance), and the ability to use them in practical applications.

Our list gives us a clear goal and focus in our home education journey. Do you have a list like this? What is on it?

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