Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Cosleeping

When Josh was born I was 19. A friend of my mother's, who was mother to 6 children at the time, gave me the book Babywise. Not knowing any better and having no support otherwise, I made Josh to sleep alone. It was awful. Hearing him cry broke my heart. I should have listened to my heart and coslept, but I kept thinking "THIS is the wisdom past generations have handed down to me."

I still get upset when I think about it. When did people start leaving infants alone at night? Who's idea was that? From an evolutionary perspective it makes no sense whatsoever for an infant or small child to be alone at night. To be alone would mean certain death- vulnerable to predators, exposed to the elements, without food or protection. Certainly babies would be biologically wired to cry For Their Lives if they found themselves alone.

So why isn't it more common to cosleep? Why do some parents cause others to doubt their choice to cosleep, telling them what a disservice they're doing their children? At the end of the day, take everyone's advice with a grain of salt (yes, even mine) and follow your heart. Only you and your baby know what is best for you and your baby.

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