Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review of Parents For Liberty Education Conference

My husband and I headed to the first Parents For Liberty conference after a late night drive to Austin from Dallas and a horrible night's sleep in our hotel room. Despite our excitement for the event, getting out of bed was difficult that morning. Thankfully the event location was easy to find, right off the highway, and had signs directing us to parking and the entrance. We were greeted at will-call by Justin, Jessica and their family with smiles and hugs. Their excitement was infectious; the atmosphere very welcoming. Coffee and breakfast were provided, which was infinitely superior to the free breakfast offered at the hotel. We entered the event room to find an intimate setting with round tables set just feet from the stage. At each setting was placed a copy of "Are We Good Enough for Liberty?" and "Great Myths of The Great Depression", graciously provided by FEE, as well as a program and pen for taking notes. We mingled with the other guests, perused the materials, and settled in to our seats, ready for the presentations to begin. I admit, I was a bit worried about my ability to focus through the entire day considering what little sleep I got the night before. That worry was quickly put to rest as Max Borders, author of Superwealth, began the series of invigorating and enlightening presentations.

The thought-provoking, mind-stretching presentations each ended with a question and answer session, and were balanced with timely breaks for meals and personal discussions. The speakers were seated in the audience as well, and very approachable during breaks. I was so pleased to talk more with John Bush about his presentation, as well as meet Dr. Mary Ruwart who signed my copy of Healing Our World. By the time featured speaker Michael Strong took the stage, I could hardly believe the day had passed so quickly and energies were still so high. Keynote speaker Dr. Larry Reed spoke on courage, leaving me with renewed conviction in how to conduct my life and also in how to raise my children. The event ended with heartfelt thanks from Justin and a song sung by Jessica which left the audience in tears.

We left having forged new friendships and with contacts and continuing conversations with the speakers. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. My sincerest thanks to the Arman family for creating Parents For Liberty and for putting together this event which brought an amazing line-up of speakers together with an audience of truly fabulous people. Each and every speaker was inspiring; the event provided us with an energy to go out and make great things happen.

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