Sunday, October 6, 2013

Forgotten Thoughts at Jason's Deli

Our goal as parents is not to create good people of our children, but instead to recognize they are already good people and to treat them thusly.

Last night we went out to eat for dinner. It started something like this-

Me- I can't forgot, I mean REMEMBER, *blah blah blah* *more things which make no sense*

Josh (9y)- Mom, what are you even saying? You've been making no sense all night.

Me- Arg! I know. I'm losing my mind. Seriously, Honey, what is wrong with me?

Papa- You're being held mentally hostage by "raising a toddler". It's temporary.

Me- You sure? What if my mental capacities never come back?

Papa- They will, just give it time.

Dinner is served, and everyone starts eating.

Bug (2y)- Dad, how is yours?

Papa- Very good, how is yours?

Bug- Mine's tasty. Joshy, how is yours?

Josh- Deeelicious!

Bug- Mom, how is yours?

Mom- Very good, thank you. (to Papa) And that right there makes it all worth it.

Papa- Yep. The way we're raising them is a lot of work, I know, but it's paying off.

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