Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Part of Why I Love Home Education

One of the truly great things about home education is moving at your own pace. Well, really, moving at your child's pace.

Your child may fly through material on subjects in which they take interest. They need not be forced to endure subjects in which they take none.

They need not be expected to perform at the same level as every other child their age in every subject matter. They need not be c...ompared to every other child in every subject matter, ranked with percentages or letter grades, nor labeled based on said percentages or grades.

When we take the unnecessary competition out of education, we allow ourselves and our children to (re)discover the joy of learning- the thrill of reading a great book, the sense of accomplishment when we figure something out, the excitement of new ideas and possibilities, the freedom that comes with newly found abilities.

Let children learn to love to learn.

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