Monday, June 3, 2013

At The Phone Store

A story from our trip to the phone store last week-

I was waiting in line for my turn to be helped. Bug (2y) was walking around the store checking out all the displays. He took a few phones off the wall hooks.

"Put those back please, they're not yours," I said. Without even turning to acknowledge me, he put them back and went along looking at everything.
The woman behind me said- Wow, he is so good! How old is he?

Me- He's two.

Woman- Only two?! My boys would have been tearing the store apart at that age. Even still at 5 and 7, they would be running around crazy.

Me- Well, I let him do whatever he likes so long as he's not harming anyone or their property. I don't expect him to stand still. I think that helps.

Woman- *nodding* Yeah, my kids seem to go crazier when I tell them 'no'. Hmmm.....

Me- Yeah.....

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