Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun with Beans

It is ridiculously hot outside. Not to mention Bug and I get devoured by bugs every time we step outside, and we get these awesome allergic reactions every time we get bit. Instead of an annoying itchy bite we get giant welts which swell and spread and itch for a week. So we don't go outside much in the summer. Which means I have to entertain the kids inside.

This particular day we played with beans. I saw a picture online of an owl made of coffee beans and Josh thought it would be fun to recreate.

I put down some coffee beans and lima beans on a table top on the floor and let the kids get creative. I obviously wasn't fully caffeinated when I thought the beans would actually stay on the table top, but oh well.

Things started well, Josh helped Bug make a ghost out of the lima beans...

Then Bug decided he didn't much care for the ghost...

And Bug spent the rest of the afternoon "sweeping" up the beans...

When Bug went to bed for the night, Josh took the opportunity to finally recreate that owl he had seen online. I think it turned out really well, he even brewed the coffee himself. :)

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