Saturday, June 9, 2012

This is HARD

Although this publish date is immediately after the previous post, it was written a month or so into our unschooling journey

Unschooling is HARD.

It really brings to light all of our own bad habits. All of our own flaws.

We knew going into this there would be an adjustment period for Josh. What we didn't anticipate was the adjustment period for US.

Tonight was rough. Josh was rude, short, snippy, snide, condescending. Papa Bear and I were left pulling our hair out. "Arg! Where is this all coming from?!" Take a good look in the mirror, Papa and Mama Bear, he had to learn it somewhere.

We want to raise the boys to be kind, compassionate, patient, and all that other good stuff. But these qualities aren't something we can teach the kids. We have to live it so they can learn from our example. When I roll my eyes and sigh after Josh asks me to spend "just 10 more minutes" playing games with him, what kind of example does that set? Certainly not the one I want to be setting.

Tonight was not our best effort. We will give it another go tomorrow. Change of this magnitude won't happen overnight.

In order to change the world, we must first change ourselves.

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