Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip!

One of the great things about unschooling is the flexibility. Love it! We can go anywhere at anytime without worrying about sending a note to the school, or missing our curriculum for the day. Its really quite liberating.

Just this Monday we took a road trip out to visit the boys' great grandparents (Yup, GREAT! How awesome is that?!). We didn't even make the decision to go until Sunday evening. We had such a nice time spending all afternoon with them, and what a treasure for everyone to be able to spend time with family.

 Josh and Bug with their Papaw and Nanny

Currently, Josh is on a working road trip with Papa Bear, and from talking to him earlier he's loving every second of it. I'm so happy for him to have these opportunities. Not only to learn what Papa Bear does to support the family, but also because he's out seeing new places, meeting new people, having experiences out in the big world.

I think someone stayed up late having a little too much fun!

Being "schooled" in a classroom with 20 kids of the same age and general demographic could never give him that.

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