Monday, June 18, 2012

Ah-ha Moment

Throughout all the struggles of our transition to peaceful parenting and unschooling, I encounter several "ah-ha" moments. Moments which show me we are making progress, and unschooling really is working.

This afternoon I had such a moment at the library. Josh wanted the next Wayside Stories book.  He sat down at the card catalog computer, logged on with my library card info, got to the catalog and asked where to go from there. I said, "Well if you know the author's name you can look it up that way" and he just chimed in "Louis Sachar". He even remembered how to spell it. He then went along to find the book, check it out, and we headed home.

He started reading as soon as we got in the car. He was so immersed in the book, he didn't even notice me snap this picture while we were at a stop light.

Josh hadn't read his other Wayside Stories book for at least a week, and even when he was reading it Papa Bear and I never called attention to the author's name. This goes to show, when kids are allowed the freedom to read and learn things which are interesting to them, they retain the information because it has meaning to them. Also, my heart swells to watch him develop a love of reading for pleasure.

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