Friday, November 14, 2014

Bug's Mucus Mulling

Bug (3) has had a cough the last couple of days. Yesterday it turned mucusy. We got a terrible night's sleep and everyone was pretty grumpy throughout the day yesterday. The thing I was most clinging to was that Bug would likely fall asleep on our way home from babysitting that evening, and I would be able to go to sleep with him as soon as we got home.

We're driving home. He's eaten and gone to the restroom. Everything is in place for an easy, early bedtime. He nods off in his carseat. Yesssssss. The moment which has been my source of hope for the last 10 hours has finally arrived.

But then... Then he starts coughing. A couple coughs. Bigger coughs. Then just as I'm trapped in between cars at a red light, he coughs up some monstrous amount of mucus, but REFUSES to spit it out! He's gagging. Then he's choking. I'm watching helplessly in the rearview mirror. I'm flailing at Josh to push Bug's head forward. Josh is yelling back that he can't because of the car seat harness. Finally traffic moves and I'm able to quickly turn into a parking lot, jump out, and rip off Bug's seat belt just as he vomits mucus all over his coat.

I pull him out of the car and attempt to wipe him off. I had nothing to clean him up with except a wrap, my beloved Natibaby Oxitocin hemp blend. Ahhh, wrap misuse at it's finest. He coughs up more, and again refuses to spit it out. In a rare moment of encroachment, I shove my wrap covered finger in his mouth to sweep out the contents. Delicious. By the way, it's 29 degrees and windy the whole time we're doing this. Josh is pacing around the car trying to keep himself from being sick. Bug does not want to take off his soiled jacket before getting back in the car.

We all calm down, get back in the car and drive home. Bug does not fall back asleep. It is several hours later after cuddling in bed watching quilting videos on youtube (Bug's choice, he is in love with them as much as I am) that he finally drifts off for the night.

He coughs occasionally in his sleep, still refusing to spit out anything that comes up, and I am left to doze to the sounds of him mulling over his mucus like a cow with her cud. Needless to say, I don't sleep well, but he seems to be doing better this morning.

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