Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Message Josh is Recieving

I haven't shared anything for a while, as I've been focusing on getting things around the house organized, starting the spring garden, etc. but I wanted to share this little snippet before I go to bed. 

We were driving home from dinner earlier and I was telling Papa about how I had a really stressful night with the boys and the dogs last night, but thanks to support from a wonderful friend who was over (and a bit of wine I slammed), I was able to feel better... "Like life is grand and parenting is wonderful."

Josh (9y) chimed in and said, "That's not the mom I know."

I said, "Well thanks for your honesty..." And kind of felt crappy.

Then he said, "The mom I know would say life's grander than grand, and parenting is more wonderful than wonderful."

Even with all the hard times when parenting is really challenging for me, even with all the struggles he and I have been through transitioning from authoritative parenting to peacefully parenting, the general message Josh gets from me is that I really enjoy being his mom. That made me feel more amazing than amazing.

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