Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obsessing Over a Project

For most of the day I've been obsessed with finishing this little knit you for my nephew. I've gone longer than usual between meals, neglected today's normal chores, and spent most of my mental energy getting it done. 

Feeling this way about my project makes it easier for me to understand my kids' obsessions with certain activities on certain days. For example, today Josh has been obsessing overMinecraft. He's watched videos and played longer than usual.

And that's okay. Because sometimes being hyper focused on a task gets it done. There is the desire, the drive, and the follow through. Mine finished a knit toy. Josh's built a powered railway station. Neither is better than the other. His isn't less important because it was on a screen or built in a game.

I'm thankful we both had the opportunity to focus as long as we needed, and to reach our goals. It is a wonderfully rewarding feeling when we can eliminate distractions, overcome obstacles, and our work produces the desired result. Why should we rob our children of that reward?

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