Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unschooling While Sick

I apologize for the lack of morning quotes lately. Sometimes life happens, you know.

And when life happens I'm reminded how well this unschooled life style works for us. Bug (2y) and I are feeling under the weather. We all were hanging out in the bedroom tonight, me sitting in bed with a heating pad reading to Josh (9y), Bug playing around doing summer saults. Josh and I talked about sums, products, the nine finger multiplication trick, spelling, homophones, Latin word origins, there their and they're. Bug crawled in bed when he was ready and asked to turn the light off. Josh and I continued chatting in the dark.

Everything happened so naturally. It was wonderful. Even though we did a lot of sitting around grumpy earlier today, we still learned plenty without any added stress to anyone. I am so thankful for those who turned me into this path and for all the struggles our family went through to turn ourselves around and get to this place.

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