Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thoughts on Dinovember

Dinovember. I'm seeing it everywhere. I'm not quite a fan.

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for imaginative play. If you and your kids want to make your dinos go on adventures or jam out to itunes, cool. What bothers me are the pictures I see of parents making messes and wasting food.

We live on one income. We aren't rolling in cash by any means. Far from it. Yet we do our best to buy high quality food because it is important to us. No way am I going to set an example that it's funny or even okay to break eggs or tear apart fruit or bread or spill something or whatever on purpose. Same goes for the mess making. If I don't want my toddler unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom, how am I supposed to justify doing it myself? All in the name of Dinovember and fun? No thanks. I do my best to teach the kids the value of everything we have. Not only does it cost us money, but someone somewhere spent their time and energy creating it and getting it to us.

And I imagine the conversation might get awkward when the kids point that out. "Mommy, those dinosaurs made a huge mess! That's not very nice." "Yeah! And although I wouldn't approve of you or me, or a guest in our house doing the same thing any other time, after you go to bed tonight I'm going to make another mess and blame it on the dinosaurs!" Just a bit of a conflicting message in my opinion.

Maybe you think I'm a no-fun Scrooge. I'm not. I love having fun and being silly with my kids. However, Dinovember and Elf on the Shelf (although I dislike that much more, don't even get me started on a Santa spy being in the house) seem to be just another example of wastefulness and disrespect of property in an already wasteful, overly consumerist time of year.

Just my quick thoughts. What do you think?

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