Friday, May 31, 2013

Bug's Ladybug

A story about a ladybug, by Bug (2y). The first time he's made up a completely make believe story.-

We're laying in bed and Bug is grumpy, tossing and turning.

Bug- (angrily) I needa see outside!

Me- Okay, you want to look out the window?

Bug- Yeahs (he says a hybrid of yeah and yes)

Me- *lifting him up* See, it's dark outside. The birds are sleeping. The squirrels are sleeping.

Bug- The trees is sweeping?

Me- Yep.

Bug- The grass is sweeping?

Me- Yes. Everyone is sleeping now. Let's lay down.

Bug- My piwwow is sweeping? Mine peacock is sweeping?

Me- Yes honey.

Bug- *holding out his empty hand to me* I gotta ladybug. See him?

Me- Ohh, you do, huh?

Bug- Yeahs. He's sweeping.

Me- okay.

Bug- *holding hand out again* I got two ladybugs. See 'um?

Me- Ooooh, pretty.

Bug- Yeahs. He is a blue ladybug. And he is a green ladybug. They's sweeping. I lay them down on the piwwow.

Me- Okay.

Bug- You put the covers on them?

Me- Here they go.

Bug- Sanks. Good night ladybug

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