Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Interruptions are one of my triggers.
We're driving home from the store. I'm getting hangry. Bug asks me a question. I'm answering, and Josh interrupts me.
I fume, "I was just in the middle of answering Bug's question. I don't like being interrupted."
"Oh, sorry", said Josh.
In my head I'm running through what else to say. " So rude! " "Every time!" "Seriously?!" "How many times do I have to tell you?" I'm really huffing and puffing up there, stomping my foot and everything.
We turn a corner and Bug's book falls to the floor. "Ugh! I can't reach my book!" he grumbles.
"Where is it?" Josh kindly asks. Bug points and Josh gets it for him.
We've all seen the quote "We can't make kids behave better by making them feel worse." (Paraphrased) These 4 years working on parenting peacefully and I just now really understand that phrase.
Josh is a kind, considerate, helpful person. One interruption doesn't change that. My berating him for one interruption certainly doesn't set an example of kindness for him to follow.

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