Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nap Time Liberty

We teach the boys the philosophy of liberty. What does self-ownership look like for Bug, who is 19 months?

One example is nap time. When he starts rubbing his eyes and acting sleepy, I tell him I think he needs a nap and take him back to his room. He sleeps on a mattress on the floor in his own room. We snuggle, read a story, I give him a kiss, say good night and leave. I don't latch the door. ...

He can get out of his bed on his own. He can get out of his room anytime he wants. He is never locked in the room against his will. He is not left in bed crying. Sometimes he will come back out once or twice for a few more snuggles, or because he wants to read Goodnight Moon ONE MORE TIME, but for the most part he sleeps when he's tired. If he comes out more than twice, I know he's not ready for a nap and he continues to play.

 Its not my job to make him sleep "for his own good". Everyone inherently wants to be healthy and happy. It is my job to help him listen to his body and give him to the tools he needs to be healthy and happy. Its never too early to teach liberty.

Its never too early to respect your kids.

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